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(BTW... "365" makes a wonderful gift, too!)


Share the wisdom of our founding fathers with your family, neighbors, friends and more. When you purchase "365: A Founding Fathers' Voting Guide" as a gift item for Christmas, birthday, graduation or "just because," we offer matching gift cards and bookmarks to give along with your book. Just check our catalog at our online store.


Note: A minimum of 10 books is required for fundraising purchases.
* Please refer to our Legal page for discounting and other stipulations relating to books purchased for the purpose of political fundraising, Shipping and handling charges are not included in the discounted price. WI sales tax may apply.

Make your fundraising truly historic!


GoodPoint Publishing is currently offering a Special 25%  FUNDRAISER Discount!* for qualifying organizations

Buy 365: A Founding Fathers' Voting Guide

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Non-profit and/or Constitution advocacy groups will find 365: A Founding Fathers' Voting Guide to be an effective and profitable resource for organizational fundraising; this book will prove popular with members and volunteers as well as guests at sponsored or community events.


To support those efforts GoodPoint Publishing has developed a catalog of related promotional items, emailers, signs, promotional ideas and more; these are also available online exclusively to bulk purchasers via our secured order website..


Your organization may qualify for this fundraising opportunity. Email us to learn more about this opportunity.




and brand "365" for your unique market!


Certain national and/or international organizations may be eligible to purchase bulk or drop-shipped orders of books in the "365" Dejavu Series, including special printings with a pre-approved customized (branded) cover and welcome page.

Email us to learn more about this opportunity.




Purchase individual copies of 365: A Founding Fathers' Voting Guide at our online store:

Buy 365: A Founding Fathers' Voting Guide
Raise funds with 365: A Founding Fathers' Voting Guide
Buy "365: A Founding Fathers' Guidebook"
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